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Hi. I am Helen and chicken recipes central is my web site. My site is still a baby as far as web sites go, but I am working hard at getting it going.

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa with my husband Michael and two kids, David who is 10 and Danielle, 7. Then there are the 3 dogs Storm, Thunder and Flower (the pug) and the 2 rabbits, Scamper and Mr. Whiskers (who is actually a girl!)

Although I have a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics and worked in the field for many years, I did not cope very well with constantly being torn between the needs of my children and my work commitments. So when we moved to Tanzania shortly after my daughter was born, and I was not allowed to be formally employed, I “defaulted” into the role of full-time mom.

While we were in Tanzania I stumbled across some information about building and running successful and profitable web sites. With my background it was ideal for me, but I had no idea what type of site to build. While doing research for a different but related idea, I came across chicken recipes as an idea. I love cooking, I love doing research and we do eat a lot of chicken. It was a good match as I could try out the recipes on my dear family and cooking supper has become part of my “new job”. Although I must admit that at times there has been a bit of dissension in the ranks - “Oh no, Mom, we are not having chicken again!”.

I try to keep my family healthy and, as the recipes on my site are what we eat, I try to stick to healthy and wholesome. I only use free-range chicken and eggs in my home. I know it is more expensive, but it is a moral compass issues. See this Wikipedia entry on Poultry Farming for more information.

I would love to hear from my visitors, so please do Contact Me

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